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What Will Come of Blackjack Counting Cards

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The question being asked at present is what will be the outlook of card counters in Blackjack. are the times of card counting done? Most would say yes.

Automated shuffle machines are being utilized in todays tables which makes shuffle tracking or card counting unlikely. The land-based betting houses are going to insert shuffle machines at the tables.

It’s said that in places like vegas, video cameras are being employed to look at the skill of the players and smart black jack tables that records gamblers hands and game plans using magnetized chips.

The Nevada State Gaming Commission, an agency that ensures honest gaming has ruled that casinos may not adjust the games in a manner that would affect the frequency of the payouts. Since then, many Nevada casinos train their croupiers to card count and shuffle as they please, also almost all of the casinos retain information on card count, this information consists of names and photos to keep them out of the game.

So what will be the future of this twenty-one "battle"? is it just beginning or will it before long arrive at an end? Regardless of all their most recent tech, political and money affects, I believe there is a chance for a happy ending. With in excess of twenty-five states in the United States allowing black jack games, there are more money making prospects for card counting than back in the olden days.

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